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18 June
i like rhyming, puns, and wordplay. i adore independent and foreign/world film. lately i can't seem to listen to enough andrew bird, the decemberists, my morning jacket, or neutral milk hotel. i am learning spanish. i love cheese and peanut butter, although not together. i believe we have to try to change the world via direct social action. i am invested in solidarity and resistance movements. i identify as an anarcha feminist. i understand that celebrity is ultimately a form of both cultural distraction and modeled conformity, thus it must be paid attention to and analyzed like the rest of our mainstream media...and i am both facinated and entertained by it. i appreciate teevee for its narrative form. i think cupcakes will always cheer people up.

hiking is my religion. music is my soul. pop culture is my vice.

or maybe you would prefer a quote:

I am for you what you want me to be at the moment you look at me in a way you've never seen me before: at every instant.
** Helene Cixous, The Laugh of the Medusa **

props & thanks to nightfall_icons for the wicked excellent vm moods!